Silver Thread Spooktober Sequel!

In case you haven't see in twitter, I'm making a continuation of Silver Thread for this year's Spooktober! Unlike the first rpgmaker game, it will be a point and click made in Ren'Py.

This is a different game from the chapter 2 that I previewed in the past, the rpgmaker sequel is still in the works but I want to try something different for this game jam! Late Night Talks was actually a warm-up for me to try the engine and I'm having a lot of  fun  with it so far. 

The game takes place 1 year after the first Silver Thread game so the two's a lot closer...sorta. I hope you'll all look forward to it! 

And I'm cutting it pretty close so wish me luck, oops. Here's some preview for the time being! 


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Good luck!! Will be looking forward to the game :D

I like the visuals. Look forward to seeing the finished game.

Super excited for this! :D