Silver Thread Episode 2 Progress

Happy 2022!

First off, thank you again to everyone that played my game! I'm still surprised and thankful of the warm reception, Alicia and Beaford are two characters that I had for a very long time but it was only last year that I started gamedev. There's also a surprising amount of people who likes Beaford(?!), I really thought Alicia would be more popular.

To update where I’m currently at:  I was originally going to release a demo for Winter VN Jam but with how hectic end of year had been , I decided to work on it more slowly to make sure that I’m satisfied with the end product.

Some preview of episode 2’s demo, and a new face:

As you notice, I decided to modify the character portraits as:
1) I got feedback that the character expressions in the old one were too stiff, which I totally agree with.
2) I’m planning to have more characters and this saves so much time, really. 

Currently, the plan is to make 4 episodes that are self-contained and could be played independently from one another.

Looking back, Episode 1 would also honestly need a big rework both plot-wise and art-wise. Sorry for not patching it yet as I know there are some bugs/inconsistencies that I need to get to! 

Other things that I’m working on alongside episode 2’s demo:
- Character profiles for Alicia and Beaford. Here's a  preview since I didnt get to make one for Ep.1

- More updates on the UI, I probably need to learn coding or commission someone. Crossing fingers. 
- Commissioning soundtrack, I’m using free tracks right now which works but having a game theme would be cool...
(If by any chance, you’re a composer that’s interested...feel free to message me on twitter!)
- Implementing a RPG battle sytem. 

I'm currently aiming for March 2022 to release the demo. Until then, I'll post more regular updates/art in my twitter  @_puchi.  

That’s all for now, let me know if you have any comments or questions! Thanks again for the support! 


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Ohhh!! This looks so good! And cool! I'm so excited to see what comes next but I'll be patient!! Good luck on the battlefield that is game development!!

Cant wait for episode 2!!!!!!!


 I LOVED episode 1 it was so fun and engaging, and I like that the characters get along well despite their different personalities. They had a wonderfully written dynamic and I enjoyed the twist ending immensely. As a horror hound (and a bit of a crybaby), the balance between scary and fun was very satisfying and I found myself exploring the whole map just to see the different flavor texts. The first chapter was such a delightful experience! Your game was really impressive and I can't wait to see episode two when it comes out!

Hell yes, now I'm excited.

Really excited to hear there will be more episodes!!!

(Alicia is my fav)


Really excited to see how their story will continue! The first episode was already a blast to play <3