Walkthrough + FAQ

A quick walkthrough to get all endings in the game! 
Most of the game generally go through the same path and it only branches in the end.

Go to the kitchen and check under the sink.
Take the cheese from the fridge.
Take the mousetrap from the suitcase. 
Go up to the laundry room, put the mousetrap and cheese in the corner.
Go to the corridor and use the lighter. 

Check the carpet in the Blue Room.
Check the papers in the Pink Room. 
Go to the kitchen and check the broken glass. 

Phone Ending
Say yes to going home. 
Alternatively, ask to go to the toilet and go home. 

Knife ending
Confront Beaford then go back to the living room. 

True Ending
Ask to go to the toilet.

Go upstairs.
Check the carpet in Blue Room again.
Check the trash can in the bathroom.
Unlock the Main Bedroom. 
Check the painting.
Try to go out.

What actually possessed Beaford? Why did Alicia become an exorcist? 
I'll answer this in the sequel.

The briefcase is useless. Why is it there.
It's supposed to be more useful but because of the scope of the project I had to cut a part of the game down...
I might re-implement in a future patch. Or maybe in the sequel. Who knows...it's 8am and I haven't sleep. 

Why is Alicia so mean?
She's just born like that. 

Why is Beaford so pathetic? 
He's also just born like that.

Overall, thank you again if you played my game!
Let me know if you have any actual questions so this FAQ would be more useful. 


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Oct 01, 2021


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very cute and fun. liked both of them. looking forward to more.

I like the character Qs haha


Thank you so much for the guidance! I was literally sweating bullets, I sympathize so well with your brother I'm dying AHAHAHA

Hi, I really enjoyed it! I love your art style, and Alicia was great. I'd love to play a longer game with these characters. :)

thank you for sharing this game w us!! I really enjoyed it, especially the characters and the art:) 

This is incredible. I love the characters and the story is really good and immersive! Great job.

I love this game. Would love a sequel.


Thank you very much! It's def planned!