Do ghosts actually exist? 

An exorcist that doubts the existence of ghost might sound contradictory but to Alicia Wilkershire, this is the right way to get closer to the truth. After hearing rumors of a haunted theater, Alicia was hired to investigate...but what will she find there? 

Features & Warnings: 

- Approximately 1-1.5 hours of playtime. 
- 2 endings. A walkthrough can be found here.
- Cartoon blood and violence.  
- There is a prequelto this game but it also works as a stand-alone. 

Up, down, left, right - Movement
Z/Space - Action Button
X - Menu
Shift - Dash
Page Down - Fast Forward 

Game created by Spica


 Galv, YanflyHimeworksWaynee95MjshiMr. Trivel, Gimmer, Fallen Angel Olivia


 PerituneFreqMan, DOVA-SYNDROME 

Simplified Chinese Version - Caelum

Updated 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(101 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsHorror, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, RPG Maker MV


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Silver Thread Deux - 329 MB
银之丝_第二章 - 354 MB

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oh my god i've been waiting for a second game!!! i am so so so happy you've returned with the squeakquel <3

i love this series so far, alicia and beaford have such a silly and unique dynamic. im so invested in the story already and excited to learn more about the characters especially alicia. i really cant wait for the next part, awesome work!


my fav lesbian and her pathetic wet cat of a man sidekick returns! i loved this game too and the art is lovely as always,, astrea's design definitely showcases her prettiness

genuinely one of my favourite indie game series i love the characters, the vibes, and the investigative aspects :D

also loved the ladder/stepladder ace attorney reference easter egg LOL

definitely looking forward to the next part

Excellent game. I love the personality of Alicia and Beaford, they make a perfect duo!

I still prefer the portraits in the first episode, but the cinematics in this one are more interesting and the new art style is such a massive improvement it tells the story even better.

So far, the story of Silver Thread is super engaging! I'm very excited for the next episode. I'm still very curious about Alicia's past.

Also, I'm trying to make a french translation, you can contact me if you're interested.

I love these series of games so much!! I'm so invested in your characters and their adventures. So excited for the next game <33


When is the Anime gonna come out?

No because imagine how cool that would be


im so invested in ur ocs aaaa

both part one and two are really fun :) And i love alicia character and her dynamic with her cute lil assistance

This was my first game to play here on itchio and I decided to stream it as a small streamer. This game was really fun to play. I love the art style and the mystery elements in the game!

i was excited to translate the news paper and figure out a easter egg or something but it turned out to be lorem ipsum (ᵕ—ᴗ—)

oh, no hate tho obviously i jus feel i lil silly

Lorem ipsum was so funny to me because whenever I open up canva it gives me Lorem ipsum immediately.

Played the first game and was really intriuged, I was happy to find that there was another <3

De los mejores juegos que e jugado!! con una istoria interesante y no fue tan dificil >_<


I absolutely love this series so much!! Alicia is the love of my life, and she and Beaford have such a great dynamic! The art is so beautiful too, I especially loved the opening dream sequence. I'm so hyped for the next entry!!! :D


Silver Thread Deux was just as much fun as the first one (if not more so!) It was wonderful to see more of Alicia and Beaford's interactions, and their dynamic while working together was fantastic.

I do have to admit, the best part about the entire game was the characters. 
All of them had such unique personalities, and there were plenty of times where their interactions made me laugh or even feel suspicious of them.
Plus, all of the designs were very nice. I'm always blown away by the pixel art in your games!

The story itself was very enjoyable too. It was an interesting mystery, and the ways that the player had to figure out how to help Astrea (or fail to do so) were quite interesting. 

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this game. I'm super excited for the next one to come out, too!

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this was just as good as the first silver thread and symbiosis. the characters were well written and well designed, alicia and beaford (as always, my favorite characters) had a fun dynamic which made for enjoyable story. also, speaking of symbiosis. i'm very interested in malachy after learning that his last name is faragher.


i really liked the story, but what got me invested were the characters, no doubt. alicia and beaford's relationship is really cute! their interactions are funny as hell. all of the side characters are likeable as well! loved the designs, artstyle and soundtrack. they're sick!!!! great game, can't wait to see more c:

Both of the Silver Thread games have been great, the story is well paced, artstyle is stylish and consistent, and the character dynamics are amazing, espeacily in the subtle parts. Exited to see more and how the way the characters interact will grow. I would definitely pay for a full game compiling the chapters someday if the series continues!

Very excellent!!and the figures are all special And cute!🥺

Really enjoyed the game! :D


Thank you!! 


:O Beautiful!! I love the character designs, visuals, dialogue and storyline SO MUCH AAAAAAA <333 And also the chemistry between the characters if it was meant to be implied? Thank you so much for making this and I can't wait for the next part!❤️

*Cough cough* I want Alicia's gender *cough cough*


Thank you!!!! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! I do love writing the character dynamics the most, some of it is implied but some of them is left vague on purpose! I hope to release the next part soon :D 


Np! Take your time :)




Thank you so much!!!!! 


lol got game over so quick


There's a walkthrough in the description in case you need it! 

ok, thank you :)


GAHH I was hoping for a new game, I recently discovered Silver Thread a few months ago, and its a great game. I adore this one just as much, maybe even more?!


Thank you! I did learn more about rpgmaker since I made the first episode so I'm glad it improved :D 


Your game actually inspired me to *attempt* to build a game as well ^_^ Your characters n plot lines are so cool, this is literally one of the best games ive played by a singular developer >_< this game is really fantastic <33


Thank you so much!!! And I'm happy to hear it inspired you, excited to see what you come up with! 

If I ever get around to being able to work on it I'll be certain to tag you :3

it was so fun!!! i absolutely love the way the characters interact with eachother!! cant wait for the next part!! 

Thank you!! They were fun to write :D 

(I also have commentary version, which discretion advice, my voice sucks a-word.)

I played both Silver Thread games yesterday, and decided to make it into single video.

I enjoyed this game, and it's mysteries. I like the characters and how cool they are. I like the art style in this, and especially pixel arts (which I forgor to add it in the description, and only now remembered what else is missing. Also I'm a man fond of pixel arts, so instant excellent for me.) And lastly, I like the media references, and one that caught me the most, is the stepladder. I knew as I saw the ladder, they will freaking make the joke, and just gave me the good ol' Wright & Fey flashbacks.

Overall, these games are promising, and hopefully the next chapter will excite me as well.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you for the playthrough! And I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, I hope to release the next episode soon! 


oh my god alicia calling the ladder a stepladder and beaford immediately responding with how its not a stepladder hit me with ace attorney flashbacks


Ace attorney's one of the game's biggest inspiration so it is a homage to that, I'm glad people noticed :D 

I loved the game, just as good if not better than the previous entries. However, I'm confused about how this is a prequel. As we met Beaford in silver thread so shouldn't this be a sequel? or is this a prequel to Eve?

According to the game description, Silver Thread is the prequal, this is the sequel. 

Thank you, the previous game is the prequel! 


Yooo, another banger. I find it crazy how I spent so much time looking at Symbiosis and just marveling at it that I recognized the art style and the game start jingle immediately. 


Thank you!!! Symbiosis really helped me refine the style for this one, glad you enjoyed both games <3 





THE CHARACTER DESIGNS ARE SO AWESOME!! I'm glad we got to see more of Beaford and Alicia, this was a really fun game! ALSO I REALLY LOVED MALACHY AND CASPIAN'S DESIGN, ID LOVE TO SEE MORE OF THEM AS WELL!!

Thank you so much!!! They'll come back in a future episode!

That sounds awesome!

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me at every opportunity

(I love the show evidence feature)


wow....the most beautiful thing to ever grace this comment section. thank you for the symbiosis yuri 


sorry here i cosplayed it too but i dont have any yuri manga




absolute banger of a soundtrack

also i just realized i got the "bad" ending bc I FORGOT THAT WE EVNE HAD THE TOOLS IN THE FIRST PLACE LFMAOAOAOOHAO


Thanks for telling me! I should probably make a clearer reminder haha 


Enjoyed this a lot as a sequel, getting more characters that set up more of the world was great. I actually was left wondering what I did wrong to solve the mystery this time too, making it points based and adding evidence presenting was definitely a good way to get that instead of just having an ending choice.

Alicia and Beaford are as fun as ever and I'm looking forward to the next chapter, whatever it is that was "forgotten".

Thank you so much! It's my first time trying the system out so I'm happy it worked out! 

You'll find out more about them in the next chapters so I hope you'll look forward to it! 

very fun and beautiful art!

Thank you! 

i enjoyed this, thank you so so much


Glad you enjoyed it :) 

Very good game


Thank you!


a "to be continued" man i am way to excited for the next one already!

Thank you!! Hoping to get it released soon! 


THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!! i had a blast playing this game the art was beautiful and as always alicia is still so absolutely gorgeous :3, the new characters were so interesting and the story was so much fun!!!! i can't wait for the next game ^^


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm glad you enjoyed the characters!! Crossing fingers next episode's coming soon 


YOO I LOVED IT! Great art, good story and characters! I can't believe I didn't play your first game LOL. I am definitely going to as soon as I can! Thanks so much for making this and I wish the best to your future eps! I'll definitely be there!

Thank you!! It's a prequel so I think there's more fun lorebits here and there, hope you look forward to it! 


THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!! beautiful art, amazing story ,, soo much fun i definitely recommend giving it a shot!!!

ace attorney fans may enjoy dissecting this game frame by frame ..


THANK YOU!! Ace attorney is one of my biggest inspiration for it so I'm happy it reminds you of it 

The stepladder thing was a reference to that, right? It made me smile.

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