An exorcist that doesn't believe in ghost. A drop-out that's lost about his path in life. The duo's adventure continues in this sequel to Silver Thread as they investigate an allegedly haunted church! 

Features & Warnings: 
- Approximately 15-30 mins of playtime. 
- Only one ending but maybe I'll add another one in an update. 
- Glitches, religious topic, distorted images and flashing images. 

Puchi - Project Lead and a bit of everything. 
Redcap- Composer

Soundtrack here!

Pixel icons 

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(137 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsHorror, Mystery, Pixel Art, Short


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"You turned the Ai into a [redacted] ANIME GIRL?!" - Alica wilkershire 2022. but anyways. this game was so enjoyable.  




Great game.

these games are great, and the soundtrack is awesome too, but the links are broken... is there anywhere else the soundtrack is uploaded?


I would love to play a full game of this!


I ADORE the aesthetics of this game. Im a sucker for a red color palette and pixel art!!! The music is reallyyy good too. Love the humor aswell ^-^


I love the storytelling methods and topics of this game (like the chinese room, the different computer screens, AI...) and the aesthetics! Beaford's body language was so funny this time around. The ending felt a little rushed though, didn't get to say bye to Naomi or explain the creepy red glitches (I guess they are because of Eve... or is Beaford's demon still around?).

I also had a bug when I re-entered the hallway while in the hallway (the chapel didn't show up) and had to restart. The text would skip back and forth way too fast if I used the scroll wheel, ended up playing with keyboard only. (playing on web)

i have the same bug

 Each and every one of your games honestly have me kicking my feet excited- and gospel of eve was literally no exception oh my god

  I can't even begin to describe how cute all the art for your games is, and I feel like that was just shown even more in this one!! Loved their slight outfit changes in this one so much 馃挏. I also can't put into words how good your soundtrack is - once again! The atmosphere in all your games is genuinely perfect and I hope it keeps up in all your further-on games!! The ending was honestly so funny and I'm so excited to see how everything is with a new member to the team 馃挏馃挏

(4 edits) (+5)

A short but fun sequel! I'm happy to see these characters again and also very excited for your next project. The way Alicia and Beaford bounce off each other is still very refreshing and keeps you wanting to read more of them. Also...

I made a Spanish translation for the game after finishing it!

I'm leaving the link here if you or anyone else wants to check it out. It is my first time uploading a translation on, so please let me know if there's any issues with the way I present it OR if you'd be interested in including it in the original files! <3




Fantastic sequel. I loved how you expanded on the characters from game one, I love their back-and-forth. So often I feel like PoV characters in investigation games are kind of boring, but I'm actually really into both main characters, I'd love to see more of them. 


Help, this is so funny. Like, I thought this would be a relatively serious lil game with the nun Naomi playing a part, but I can't deny and say it isn't funny. Especially with the ending! Looking forward to see what Eve can bring to the table and how the office can expand with three in the works!

But I also know that Alicia must be secretly glad that her office isn't so quiet anymore ahahaha

This is so clever!  Book of Eve ^^


i loved seeing these two in your previous projects so much and seeing them again was just delightful. gorgeous art style as always and very clever fun storytelling. the way Alicia and Beaford play off eachother is so entertaining, such a fun dynamic. thrilled about the addition of Eve :D

This story is also very adorable! And I really like the way how Beaford thinks and talks(?) I loooooooooovvvvvveeeeee it!


I loved the first game with Alicia and Beaford, and I think this new character is a great addition to the world! Also the irony of this character being potentially the most religious one in the group is killing me. I love her, I want to see her grow up big and strong!

I'm not religious myself, but I've started reading religious scholarship recently, and it's really interesting! That is, study of scripture that has no motivation to convert the reader, but which is mostly focused on interpreting the bible as literature within a historical context. So, I recognized Naomi as a name from the book of Ruth, which some have argued could be interpreted as a lesbian story. So nice job on that one. :3

i wonder if we play as eve in the late night talk thing? probs not thattho lol. would b cool tho if it was true

This was a great game except I did experience the same issue with the game looping me with the search options. I work in Ren'Py too and I have had this experience while making my own maps. 

I'm attaching a clip where I found out what was causing it - it seems that in the chapel, if you click search twice (or really any time if you click search again) it breaks and shows you the search from the previous room. I managed to get past it by making sure not to accidentally click on search and to click move.



That was fun


This was my first game I've played by this dev so imagine my joy and excitement to find out these are recurring characters! I loved the art style in this, and music and general atmosphere was so enjoyable. The characters were so lovable (Alicia please I can help you become unsingle I swear) and the style break and explanation of the Chinese Room was so neat. The ending definitely took a different direction than I expected but such a fun concept to play with for sure!

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi. I played up until the end of the Naomi's conversation, clicked both magnifying glasses, then the move button, but my only option was the hallway again. I clicked the hallway and Naomi reacted as if we had just arrived again. I tried to click the search button to escape the talk and got the dialogue for the outdoor locations and when I clicked talk again, all I got was Beaford saying he's freezing. Maybe that's what I get for clicking another option in the middle of a conversation. I plan to try again another later.


Hi! I'm looking into it but I can't seem to replicate this error, unfortunately. Can I ask if you're playing on PC/Mac or browser? 

A PC in Google Chrome. I'm going to play the game a second time and see if it happens again. (Hoping not, since I was looking forward to this sequel :))


I think what triggered the issue for me was clicking on Talk. On my second playthrough, I clicked on nothing but Move after talking to Naomi and was able to move to the pews. While there, I clicked on talk and got the "I'm freezing" conversation from outside. I played through again without clicking on talk and made it to the end with no issues. (As a final note, I was in fullscreen, though I do not expect that had anything to do it.)

In regards to the game, I enjoyed it. The philosophy and banter between Alicia and Beaford was fun and (spoiler) looks like they'll be an interesting edition to the team. My one critique was that it felt more like the player was being swept from room to room as opposed to actively investigating. We also never got an answer about the photo beyond maybe it was tampered with by someone wanting to cause trouble for the church. Maybe it was implied that (spoiler) did because they was mad their ideas were not being taken seriously, but the characters never said anything to that effect, so it did not tie things together for me very well.

Anyway, congratulations on finishing your game in time for Spooktober. I was working on a VN myself, but did not have it close enough to completion. Maybe next year.


Thank you, Kobato! I encountered this same bug in the browser version (on firefox) and again after I downloaded it and played it on PC. It's a relief to know what was causing it... (The first time I encountered it in the office and since all the magnifying glasses don't light up right away I associated it with that and not pressing "talk"). 

Anyway! Thank you Puchi for making this game! u__u I'm playing it right after finishing Silver Thread. I love your sprite art and the way you did the backgrounds in this game is really cool! :3

I finally got an account so now I can follow you :D

I love your games and I can't wait to see more :)

Still enjoying the characters a lot, but the game itself is pretty buggy.

WOOO PUCHI I'm your biggest fan! Big respect for making a jump like this, being unfamiliar with the program can be pretty limiting, but this is such a fun game jam entry~ Alicia my beloved.

To mention something I don't think other comments have yet--your UI/UX stuff is really beautiful... ty for blessing my eyes lol

I get a crash in the chapel :'(

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 529, in script

    call screen movechapel

ScriptError: could not find label 'beafordhint'.

Ah man XD This brings back memories. It's the kind of anime story I used to watch a lot in the 90's. And I kind of loved it ^^ Short and sweet~ I really liked the character's designs too, nun included. Interesting choice with the pixel art and I really dig the music and plot theme. It was a fun twist there with the [SPOILERS]AI[/SPOILERS]. All in all, a very nice experience. Thanks for the game :D

Alicia really said "do I look like I know what a jpeg is" 

It's always great to see Alicia and Beaford again, and I loved their adventure this round! Seeing your skills develop alongside their relationship is a delight. Getting to learn something new (the Chinese Room argument) was a cool and unexpected plus. Great work!

I loved Silver Thread, so when I got this game recommended to me I had to try it out. The art was amazing per usual, though I do want to note a few mechanical flaws. In the chapel, Beaford suggests investigating something else so I went to the 'move' menu to find another place to go. Weirdly enough there was no option for the office, so I assumed I had to go back to the hallway. Once I clicked the hallway the game pretty much broke, mixing up dialogue when I clicked on things with other dialogue, and not allowing me to progress. I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but it did make me have to restart the game so I think it may be worth investigating. Other than that though, the game was good! Can't wait to see more of Beaford and Alicia!

I had the same problem. Although, I didn't know I had to restart so I just left it.

This was nice! I really love your character designs, the overall aesthetic and the dynamic of Alicia & Beaford.

I know you usually do RPG Maker gameplay with lots of dialogue rather than classical VN with a bit of exploration as you did there, but this format worked really just as well. I hope we can see more of your characters in either format in the future!


I really liked the idea of combining an old church and religion with modern technology and AI. I haven't encountered a similar thematical combination before. I like the characters a lot, they have a lot of personality, and it's fun to see them bantering. I also enjoyed the change in graphics when they talked about the Chinese Room. I hope to see more!


Silver Thread was one of my favorite stories from last year's Spooktober jam so I'm really happy to see a sequel! The sprite work is stellar as always, and I really enjoyed the growing dynamic between the two main characters.

I ran into the same glitch a few other commenters mentioned (the Talk button would either crash the game or loop me back to the start and force me to start the Chapel scene over again), but nothing the Skip button can't fix.

(1 edit) (+1)

Once again, the aesthetic is top tier --- for both the character designs, and the backgrounds of the game! I love the banter between Alicia and Beaford + the dynamic they have; it's so fun to read. So many great + hilarious lines of dialogue, haha. (Church bitcoin................) The different expressions you incorporated for them both are great, too. (Beaford's nervous expression, for example..!)

Also, I can definitely see the improvement in their sprites from Silver Thread... it's beautiful. We love to see it.  9/9

I love how the mystery unfolded + the music is excellent for each location, and really sets the mood well. Very catchy tunes. Also, the thought experiment about the Chinese room was really interesting, too... I've never heard of it before.  The art for that portion was cute.... chibi Alicia and Beaford...

I really liked the part where they logged into the computer (being vague to avoid spoiling people) + the unsettling music really set the mood. For a moment, I thought they were actual Bible verses, but then I was like.......hold on a second....... something ain't right here.

THE ENDING....... is so funny. The twist...... hahaha, it's amazing. Playing this was a delightful experience.

I'd love to see more of Alicia's and Beaford's adventures in the future! Definitely looking forward to it.  : )!

Had a bug issue, and the ending was a bit abrupt, but I had fun playing.

(1 edit)

My god, it's the ghost in the machine. I cannot believe this.

Real talk though, I love this series and hope that you are able and willing to keep making it at least up until ghosts become real (like that will happen).


Hi ! I really liked the 10 minutes or so that I've played, but I ran across both a glitch that softlocked me in the chapel where the game was convinced I was still in front of the church (showing me this area's search dialogue and everything) and going back into the hallway played Naomi's welcoming dialogue again, and then another where I got stuck in the chapel because selecting Talk in there made the game crash.

Music bops at least, I'd love to give this another look when it's more cooperative.

this was delightful! I love alicia and beaford so so much their dynamic is super fun. i experienced a little glitch where whenever i tried to "talk" in the chapel the game would crash, both on the web version and downloaded, but skipping that everything went smoothly. :) 

i also got this glitch!

i think it is because theres a missing sprite 

(2 edits)

This game is so fun!! I love detective-like mystery stories, especially when they have such a fun duo!! Alicia and Beaford have gorgeous designs and great dynamics and dialogue, I loved them!! 

The mystery combined with the comedy, the funny duo and the pixel art actually gave me a lot of Ace Attorney vibes from the Nintendo DS era!!

The last part of the story, with the twist, had me laughing my ass off 馃槀  I'd love to play more games about Alicia & Beaford's cases 鉂わ笍馃グ

Really cool game!!

Edit: This is Pri Karin btw, it seems, yet again, I forgot to go to my solo account before commenting 馃檲 

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