LIKE ICARUS THAT FLEW TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN...that's how I felt with this game. It comes down too I was actually not familiar with ren'py enough to do the stuff that I wanted to do. My bad. 

But my struggles aside, I'm happy enough that I managed to finish this game! 

This takes one year after Silver Thread so Alicia and Beaford is a lot closer with each other, I hope I managed to convey that! They have always naturally clicked with each other but from their dialogues, I do want to give the sense that they've been friends for some time.

**Spoilers ahead** 
I almost make it a lot heavier/emotional at first but considering the tone of the first game, it didn't felt exactly right.  The talk with the AI at the end is one of the main reasons why I used renpy over rpgmaker for this game, my initial plans were a lot more detailed but a lot of things got cut because of the time constraints.

The part where Alicia yelled at Beaford for turning the AI into an anime girl is also one of the things that was there from the start. Eve's design is based on 90's anime with the hair vents and all and she is subtly drawn in a different style. The china room is also one of my favourite thought experiments!

Well, one of the things that I messed up  on is that I focused too much on the art. I think I should have looked for a programmer or a writer to help with the gamejam....but in comparison to last year, I think the difference in sprite quality is pretty stark! It's definitely influenced by what I did for symbiosis.

This is a continuation of last year's spooktober but the official actual episode 2 is still in progress because I'm doing that in rpgmaker.

After taking a long break, I might also take a break from gamejams to focus on my longer and bigger-scale projects because as much as the deadline helps me focus, I want to try taking my time and polish everything up.

Thanks if you read my rambling this far and I hoped you enjoyed the game! 

- Puchi 

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Oct 01, 2022
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Oct 01, 2022

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