This game is still being continously updated!
4/4- Patched CGs, 2  new tracks and extra dialouges!  

Deep within the forest there is a grove
where the tree branches grasp and claw at your neck,
and the air is a thick miasma choking the very life out of you.
In the center of the grove lies the Witch鈥檚 House: arrogant, mighty, and wretched.

Magnolia is a witch who lives with her son in the forest but after a recent break-in, there's clearly more to this story to be told. A horror RPGmaker game where you're the witch trying to get these intruders out of your damn house. 

- Approximately half-hour to 1 hour of playtime. 
- 2 endings. 
- Cartoon blood and violence.
- Deals with topics of human experimentation and complicated family drama.
- Warning for some loud sounds and flashing images. 

Check out the soundtrack!
LGM is so cool and awesome and handsome and good at making music and he is an awesome goblin.

Up, down, left, right - Movement
Z/Space - Action Button
X - Menu
Shift - Dash
Page Down - Fast Forward 

Puchi - Project lead/Artist/Writer

LGM - Composer/Co-Writer
Listen to the soundtrack here!

Wannabe Cat - Co-Writer

Jenny Vi Pham- Co-Writer

Cygni - Copy Editor 

Galv, YanflyHimeworksWaynee95MjshiMr. Trivel


StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(488 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Puzzle, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFemale Protagonist, Horror, LGBTQIA, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Story Rich


Download 111 MB
Gamejam Version 228 MB

Development log


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On that board in Magnolia's lab(?) it says the chemical formulas of cinnamaldehyde which is found in cinnamon bark, vanillin, glucose and maltose. normally i doubt you would need burned into your mind like magnolia unless  something important had to be done with them, they're also listed in specific amounts implying they were used for something important in the past as implied by the line "i don't even need this memo anymore, the formula is burned in my mind".

i theorize that this important thing that she needed these formulas was for Mint's creation. which would suggest something i never thought i would say. 

If you were to try to bite Mint, he would taste like cinnamon and vanilla. 

anyways, this game is really good.


you could eat him if youre starving or just crave children 馃榾

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Yes, looks like a good game. I鈥檓 starting to playing it and seems interesting :3 Edit, i鈥檓 finishing it, but only the first end鈥ow can i get the second?

when mint asks about what the 3 little pigs story means either choose the first or second option, do not pick the third one. the next thing you need to do is when you need to hide the body do not go near mint's room, go in magnolias room and click on the bed to hide it there. continue as normal and youll get the second ending. p.s. the password for the door at the very end is 313, hope this helps

ty cutie :3 have a good nitgh/day/afternoon


no problem and you too <3

<3 ty swetie!


I''m glad mint din''t die


Yk what. This is rlly good and if you rlly try (add more scenes and endings) it has a lot of potential


10/10 but i tried to get the 2nd ending and i keep having to play from the start cuz my page got refreshed =( (i tried saving it but refreshing just)

how can i get the second end?

A little bit of a spoiler 

Sorry for the late reply but to get the second ending :

Firstly, when u read the three little pigs story to mint and he asks you the meaning of it pick the first or second option but not the third option  (don't pick the ''never spare intruders'' option)
 After that, when you kill the girl in the bathroom, don't let mint see the body but instead just hide the body in Magnolias room under her bed (Her room is the room right next to the bathroom) Make sure that Mint does not see the body. 

Lastly, just continue playing the game as normal and you will get the second ending. If you need help with the 3 digit door code its 313 (This is the code for the basement) 

Sorry for any grammatical problems in this and I hope this helped you!!

(+1) not bad at all!

just a little log for me but i got ending a :D

(1 edit)

Could we have an expansion where Mint meets his little sibling? Maybe she's(Magnolia) even refined her process for parenting/creation process, and the child, having never socially interacted beyond plant, corpses and their mother, would be very suspicious or fearful of their older brother.

can we cook the intruders can u make a sub game where we cook them they look very edible pls let me cook them 馃檹馃檹馃檹

In ending B, does Magnolia kill Mint or is she just happy he's home?


pretty sure she's just happy he's home!!

how can i get the second end?, pls help me ;w;

mint is a nickname ?! what is mint a nickname for :0


how do I get ending B


u should make a sequel following ending A, where mint discovers his powers after he has gone to the city

(1 edit)

btw canonically how old is magnolia? She says "old innocent woman" during her interaction with the second intruder but idk if it is guilt tripping or is she just old but looks young bc pixelated.

Also in ending B does she kill mint or does mint and her reunite? because the blood is fresh i think she probably made another homunculus child, but she probably still loves mint right? RIGHT?


Magnolia is 58 


Oh cool also WTH is that name i think you should change it ngl it is kinda offensive

(1 edit) (+1)


A solid 10


how do i get the second ending pls help T_T


The game was so cool, hope you won't leave this story somewhere behind, bc I am definitely a fan) also I cant go to the second ending after two hours of trying(still worth it) thanks!


in the final interaction choose option 1, then option 1 again and finally the third option

thank youuuuu <3


honestly, I can see this becoming a full-fledged game, just take time and add more if possible, maybe explain more, and have it so that depending on your choices, depends how the story goes, maybe add a bit more suspense, this could become an amazing rpg! I look forward to seeing more in the future


dove :(

Really enjoyed this


I literally just need more Mint & Magnolia. Like straight up please give me more.


I hope there comes an ending where Dove, Magnolia and Mint start living together happily (maybe just when Magnolia was going to shoot Dove, she remembered all her past memories and couldn't shoot her, then they had a deal of some sort that for the sake of Mint, they will live together and take care of him or smh, just a rough idea tho)


I love that the little plant in the living room is Mint鈥檚 sibling :)

Lovely addition to the world building 

love this game so much i dreamt about it

i loved loved loveddd playing, it was so good!! it took me a lil while to figure out some of the following events but i ended up guessing and loooved! wish we could see more about how dove and magnolia married hahah it's so weird for me to imagine magnolia like, in love!

just played and cried at the same time man I really wanna see Magnolia,Dove and Mint happy together pls

A modern retelling of the witch in the woods.  Gameplay and story were really good and the artstyle is amazing.


what do i do after killing the first intruder that we had to hide in the balcony??


can u download this game on Mac (without bootcamp)?

great game make part two please

amazing artstyle, OST and story, absolutely in love. I love the stark contrast between the cartoon style and the character style. It would be perfect if it had a Chinese version!

ps;i've never heard such a good ost in my whole life; ;


Does anyone know if there's a secret C ending, since the walkthrough says that neither A or B are the true endings.

As of now, there's only 2 endings! There's no true endings as in both endings has equal weight to them. 

nice game! can i translate it to a Chinese version ^ ^


I love this funky murder lesbian and her child so much 馃

What a fantastic game! Loved the sciencey stuff a lot, and the art is gorgeous!

i don't know if this is a bug, i'm playing now as Mint and ent to the door with the code, i can't get out of that room. (I had to look up the code so I could continue playing).

The code is 313  this help you for the end B

(1 edit)

This was honestly a fun little game! The art was beautiful and the story was very interesting (and the story progression was done very well! Plus, I had a lot of fun with the different dialogue choices.)

[Minor spoilers for anyone who reads the comment]

I loved all of the hints about Magnolia's research and about Mint as we went through the game. It was honestly quite fascinating, although it was nice to see that Magnolia very much embraced being a mother even if nothing else really came from her research. 

It was also a lot of fun to play a character that is basically the antagonist (even if she was doing it all/mostly for Mint!) And I loved how we uncovered her past bit by bit as we searched for/found the intruders in her home. It made for a very interesting insight into who Magnolia is and what she wants out of life.
Although... it did all feel a bit sad knowing she cared about her research more than even her former relationship (especially since she and Dove looked like they were an awfully sweet married couple while they were together.)
Magnolia was just... likeable in spite of how awful of a person she is.

 The endings were so bittersweet, too. But they suited the story much more than a very happy ending. I honestly liked the whole story a lot, and both endings were a delight to get!

hello everything is fine? I really liked the UI of your game, can I use it in my project?

The kid reminds me of Neko from Oneshot.

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