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During the start of the game for some reason the mousetrap doesn't show up in my inventory. I tried refreshing the page, does anyone know what i should do?

I think it's a bug, it also happened to me. But still it shouldn't affect when Alicia puts it in place, it doesn't let you?

T_T I can't play. it keeps telling that can't load imagine when I come to the laundry room T_T

try it again it's working now. it's a good game i liked it


Ahhh I loved it so much, I even thought of becoming an exorcist haha


this was so cute i really had fun at this ^^

it doesn't let me check the gas, like after the first convo i pick to check the gas and it freezes (I'm playing browser)

Try pressing 'x'! I got stuck at that part too but eventually got to messing around with the buttons and it worked for me!

thank you, I'll try that!


To my brother who can't play jumpscare games but still got scared by this game XD. Pls make a continuation. Pls. Especially with that lil twist at the end

Wait i think you alr did


is alicia single

idk what 2 do while waiting for the rat trap thing 😭ive walked around the whole house like twice

don't know if you ever figured it out but you're supposed to use the lighter from your suitcase!


oh my god thank you i was so lost


haven't even played yet and the title music is simply amazing


this game is so cute and silly!! aesthetic and music are perfect and it's fun to play. SO COOL!! >o<


I loved this its so cool !!


omg, this game was so fun!! you did a good job on it I love the art and game style. c:

Very wellmade! Fun to play, 10/10. I love Beaford and Alicia's dynamic and interactions lmao <3

This game was great to play and really nice.

Can you make it android like this please

this game is saur cute


beaford is so fine...




the ost is so fire oh my god


I would say it's good, but I can't because I can't play the full game. When I press "To-Do(3" then press the kitchen one, my game freezes but I can still hear the music!


Hey! I figured it out, after checking the list you can press esc and continue the game.


am i the only one who can't find the download button am i dumb r smth


Pretty sure you just play it in the browser :)

how do i get off the menu page?

tap the space bar

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i asked to go to the toilet and then picked the first option at the front door, and THIS happened LMAOOO


Ask to go to bathroom > leave

how can i dowlowd?


u could just play from ur browser. (mine was chrome)


This game is honestly awesome. Really enjoyable despite being short


Short and amazing game, loved the jokes and characters!


Nice, short game! I love the graphics and can't wait for the sequel :)

amazing i loved it !!!

i love this!!!!

okay guys I'm dumb how do I download this


I think you can just play it on the website, other than that, no clue lmao


Hello! I really enjoyed this game! I like Alicia and Beaford and all the conversations they had while exploring the things at the house, thank you for sharing this with us!

I really enjoyed this! The writing is really good, I got a really strong feel for the characters and they have really clear voices. I really like the art direction too.


Hello, I enjoyed this a lot! Apart from the interesting characters, I like the art style and aesthetics but, mostly, I want to commend you on the puzzles. Despite this being a short game, the puzzles were solid with good build-up - the in-game feedback, if you're a person like me who likes to interact with everything, gives the player enough information to figure out what to do without making it obvious. Player feedback was also consistent, i.e the cracking sound and dialogue prompting us to go downstairs or investigate bedrooms when available, look for mouse bait, or leave the mouse trap be when nothing else could be obtained from it. This type of feedback, consisting of visual, sound and text clues, is vital so the player understands when they've advanced and does not waste time with fruitless actions, and I consider it to have been very well-done here. Puzzles are one of the hardest things to do right, and this game does it right, which I consider its greatest strenght.

 I don't even think I can put into coherent words (outside of keyboard spam, but that isn't really words) how good this game was. I genuinely can't get over how good you write all the characters in all your games; especially the protagonists !! Loved all the dialogue and how genuinely entertaining it was- especially love the slight ambiguity in the knife ending (putting my bets on that person maybe being related to the dried lily flower in Alicia's office? perhaps, maybe so?). I hope we have more works to come about the both of them, with maybe a little insight on Alicia's inspirations and background!! 💜💜

AMAZING ARTWORK !! fun, short and leaves you yearning for more. i really enjoyed this set up and the colors of the house. really cool!!!!!!

This was fun, and the art is beautiful! I'll keep an eye out for future games.

very good game would like it if theres moree

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I found a glitch in the game:

SO basically, this happened when i was just about to complete the true ending, but instead of going into the Main Bedroom, I left the house in the living room, trying to get the phone ending, and this happened:

So, I guess Alicia now works for herself as an assistant?

UPDATE: Game forces True End on me even when I load a different save. Seems like the Game locked the ending.

UPDATE 2: Game only gives me the phone ending after I leave with Beaford with me. This isn't supposed to happen because originally, I was supposed to check the kitchen. I also get the ending when I leave with Beafords permission.

This was fantastic!!! Loved the characters, loved the sense of humor, loved the mystery and the progression. 

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