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Thanks for the game. I knew nothing scary was going to happen, but I was still prepared for the spook


i rlly loved silver thread a lot so i was super happy to see theres more w these characters !!! this game was super nice n like cozy yknow ?? loved it !!! :]

Wow! This game is so pretty and comforting in a way! Thank you!

This is retro in the best way, a short but sweet throwback to an earlier age of gaming without the annoying aspects of early-PC adventure games, and it made me extremely nostalgic for genuine point-and-click adventures! I haven't yet played Silver Thread, but I enjoyed Late Night Talk regardless, and Alicia is so cool that I really have no choice but to continue on to Silver Thread! You established a soothing atmosphere and a grounded yet entertaining character in a very short amount of time, which is no small feat. I enjoyed myself thoroughly!


alicia stans rise up...... fun little point and click! 


the gays love alicia , im looking forward to more of your work !


I really like how you can make such an enjoyable game with just one panel. I am really looking forward to the sequel to Silver Thread :D I really really love the graphics and your characters!

This storyline, about a ghosthunter who doesn't believe in ghosts and wants to find evidence of them anyway. The glorified home inspector, I love this. It deserves it's own show and all.

your games and designs are so good 😍😍

ah i just wanted to say your work is amazing, i love the designs and your other games :))



Hey how did you embed your renpy game onto this page? What version do you have? Sorry I think the version I have doesn't allow me to embed it onto my game page

7.5.2! I heard there's still working on the web ports for the 8th and above ver. 

Thank you so much!! Also your game is AMAZING!!!!!! This game is giving me motivation to make one as well!!!!

Very cozy little game! I love your pixel-art style and designs. 


i love your title screen he his soo cool, i totally need the chapter 2

Loved this little visual novel, and went to play your other game Silver Thread as well - Loved that too! Thanks so much for sharing, keep creating! 

I played this for my YouTube, if you'd like to check it out you can click here!


their so gender. love it.


Thank you!

yes!! I was so excited for this, it was really beautifully drawn, chill, atmospheric, and very mysterious. I love all the exciting new details about Alicia and I cannot wait for more Silver Thread stuff to come out!!


Thank you!! Episode 2 is in the works so I hope you'll look forward to it! 



I had fun :) 

Would love to play more. <3 

Thank you! It's part of a series so I'll have more stuff soon! 


This is one of the most relaxing games I've played, the music fits the visuals so well! It was a very cozy experience, thanks for sharing it! 

Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it! 


love the subtle background animations in this one. Nice work! 

Thank you so much!! 

omg i love this sm! is a symbiosis 2 or silver thread 2 possible? hopefully so! Both are so good!

Thank you! Symbiosis and Silver Thread but has an update in the works! 

Ah okay tysm! Take your time! 

At the end of the day, some Late Night Talks are nice.


Thanks for playing! 

This was such a chill and fun little visual novel! I loved seeing Alicia back and the art is seriously good, especially with the lightings and stuff! The little plot we have going on is pretty intriguing and Alicia truly is the most logical person out there to shoot down skeptics! Great job!!

Thank you so much! 

Nice game, it was interesting looking through the office of someone trying to prove ghosts are real.  I really will have to play through Silver Thread, the world seems interesting, especially a story about if ghosts are real. Symbiosis was great so it’s a shame I did not realise it existed till now.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed both games! 

esta chidoo aaaaaaaa

thank you!

Interesting, well made... didn't believe your "nothing scary actually happens" thought it was just to let down my guard - hey, fair game in the horror genre right? But it's true... the game is fun. I enjoyed the freedom of clicking around to engage with the story too. Nicely done!

Thanks! Haha, I honestly get scared pretty easily too so I want to make sure people know what to expect!

The art, ui, and story are so goooood. Now I definitely have to play your other titles. I just love the animation for this. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy the other games too! 

I really liked the game Silver Thread- when I saw your art style in the submission feed, I knew instantly that we were dealing with the same delightfully snarky, skeptical exorcist.

It was a treat to see some more of Alicia, and the art is as pretty as ever. Her dialogue holds true to the same strong character voice we were introduced to in the first game, and the point and click mechanic was interesting- it felt well integrated into the premise of being paranormal investigators taking a look around. All in all, this was a lovely bite size experience.

Silver Thread was actually among some of the first few games I shared with my friends while cajoling them into playing interactive fiction and similar experiences on here, so I think of it quite fondly. I'd love to see more of this character!

Thank you so much, I'm really happy to hear that!! I was testing some new things so I'm glad that it was a good experience. 

This is a short episode that I did for the game jam but I'll definitely have more things coming for this series! 

Fun short game!



This was really fun! I love how you did the UI and the art style in general. The short point&click bits were great too

Thank you!!

Fun to see Alicia again. I'm still looking forward to the sequel.

Amazing if this is your first Ren'py game since you made so many advanced modifications. I've been dabbling with Ren'py for years and I only just figured out how to make image menus and have yet to try my hand at modifying the menu as much as you did. Must have been a lot of work.

Thank you, The sequel is still in the works!

I found some templates and a bunch of tutorials that really helped, thankfully!


More of them! I fear for the day Alicia actually finds her ghosts, unless she already has?


Thanks! She definitely will...eventually!